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Moisturising and revitalising set


Purifying and regenerating set


Comprehensive care of the skin includes the use of various types of cosmetics – cleansing, moisturising, regenerating, nourishing. You can use cosmetics from several different manufacturers but this can be risky as it is often difficult to find products that complement each other well. Definitely, the best solution is to choose cosmetics from one series. Why? The formulas of such products are developed in such a way so that they have synergistic effects. Formulas that supplement one another allow you to create a multi-faceted support for your skin for maximum effective skin care.

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Attractive product sets from KOI

To meet the needs of our clients, we have prepared KOI cosmetic sets that include products of complementary action. By using them, you can introduce extra skin care rituals into your daily routine and pamper your skin in a home SPA. Give your skin round-the-clock care with a hydrating and nourishing set that includes a day elixir and a night serum. The light formula of the elixir is quickly absorbed, it does not leave a greasy film on the skin. This cosmetic perfectly moisturises the skin, ensures comfort even during an exhausting day. In turn, the two-phase serum is designed to oxygenate and nourish the skin while you rest at night. Thanks to such treatment the skin is radiant and rested the next day.

When choosing KOI cosmetics set as a gift, you should also consider buying the purifying and regenerating set. It consists of a fine-grained peel and an intensive moisturising mask. The peel allows you to thoroughly cleanse the skin from dead skin cells and other impurities. It leaves skin smooth and fresh and, most importantly, perfectly prepared to absorb conditioning ingredients. The mask has the form of a leave-on cream and it is special thanks to its rich composition, it provides intensive nourishment and regenerates the skin.

Take care of the planet with KOI

KOI preparations are enclosed in elegant glass containers. We have decided to use glass because it does not react chemically with active ingredients of cosmetics and, at the same time, fits in with the less waste philosophy. All our cosmetics are natural products, free from irritants. A high concentration of ingredients with proven effectiveness guarantees their beneficial effects. KOI cosmetic gift sets are a perfect gift for the loved one – for a birthday, name day, Mother’s Day or just to make someone happy.