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Two-phase serum

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Vitamin serum and facial elixir – the simple way to effective hydration

Appropriate hydration and nourishment is essential for maintaining a healthy, attractive complexion. Preparations with vitamin C and moisturising elixirs are especially recommended in this regard. Why use them?

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KOI care cosmetics – a brief overview of original solutions

KOI is a small family business that specialises in the production of natural skin care products. The offered preparations are not only highly effective but, above all, they are safe for almost any type of skin. Careful selection of the proportions of individual substances is a guarantee of effective action. An innovative solution for deep hydration and nourishment is the use of proprietary products: KOI elixir and serum with vitamin C. Regular care with the use of KOI serum and elixir ensures maximum hydration and firmness of facial skin. The effectiveness of the products has been confirmed by numerous clinical tests. Due to the high effectiveness of the products, women who use them can maintain a healthy complexion for a long time, as well as deeply moisturise and regenerate the facial skin.

Face serum with vitamin C – a simple formula in a unique edition

Vitamin C is extremely important for maintaining a healthier complexion. It is involved in every chemical reaction that takes place in our body ! Taking vitamin C in its pure form is not as effective as its application in a certain area, which is why using a face serum is a great solution. The main task of the product is to help nourish the skin and remove imperfections. Vitamin C reduces wrinkles, gives the skin a glow and moisturises it. For increased effectiveness, it’s a good idea to opt for a two-phase serum. It is a cosmetic with a double power of action. How is this possible? The maximum concentration of active ingredients in cosmetics allows you to moisturize the skin, even out its colour and oxygenate it properly. The serum is great for reducing scars and discolouration. It can also be used to regenerate the skin exposed to UV radiation.

KOI face serum – composition and basic action

The multifaceted effect of the serum would not be possible without properly selected ingredients. One of the most important substances contained in the formula is kakadu plum extract, which is the richest natural source of vitamin C. Sea buckthorn extract, in turn, evens out the tone of the skin and cares for skin with discolouration. Thanks to the high content of hyaluronic acid with different sizes of particles, the face serum with vitamin C helps to fill and smooth wrinkles and keep water deep inside the skin. Squalane is also a very important ingredient. It has many functions: it has antioxidant, oxygenating and moisturising properties. It also speeds up the wound healing process. Avocado oil is responsible for the regeneration and smoothness of the skin. And carrot root extract restores softness to the skin and protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.

Practical aspects of using serums with vitamin C

It is worth noting that the ingredients contained in the face serum have been selected in such a way that they can be safely applied to almost any type of skin. Regular application of the product ensures maximum nourishment of the skin by providing it with the right dose of vitamins. The skin becomes much more elastic. Also, the serum penetrates the pores to hydrate all layers of the skin, soothe irritation and stimulate synthesis of collagen. Moreover, it prevents excessive drying of the skin by limiting water loss. The formula gives the face a golden glow that makes the skin look not only healthy but also attractive.

KOI elixir – a way to enrich your daily care

As the name suggests, the elixir is designed to increase skin hydration. The preparation created by KOI restores the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, moisturises it intensively, thanks to which the skin is relieved, especially dry skin. KOI elixir has a lightweight formula and a high content of nutrients. The peptide complex in the product accelerates the process of transporting active ingredients deep into the skin. Due to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid wrinkles are reduced and the elasticity of the skin is improved.

Effectiveness of KOI elixir – the most important advantages of the preparation

A great advantage of the cosmetic is its convenient application and the possibility of using it both during the day and night. The lightweight, gel formula is ideal for use as a base under any cream, for any type of skin. Regular use of the cosmetic ensures maximum hydration and regeneration of cells as well as improvement of microcirculation in the skin. Moreover, KOI elixir protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Its antioxidant properties and natural ingredients make it safe to use at any age and on any type of skin. To increase the effectiveness of the elixir, it is advisable to combine it with a suitable moisturising cream.