Moisturising and revitalising set


Two-phase serum

The two-phase serum provides hydration to all layers of the skin, gives a feeling of maximum comfort. Effects you will notice:
  • instantly firmed skin
  • golden glow and evened out discolouration
  • removed imperfections of dry and damaged skin
  • smoothed out fine lines and wrinkles
  • soothed skin after intensive sun exposure

Moisturising elixir

Luxurious essence for special tasks
Effects you will notice:
  • increased skin hydration by up to 80%
  • rapid transport of active ingredients deep into the skin
  • better use of ingredients from the cream applied after the application of the elixir
  • excellent hydration even for extremely dry skin
  • noticeably soft and silky skin
  • lightweight, gel formula for use before applying any cream

Miks idealny jako pielęgnacja na cały dzień! Eliksir, lekki i żelowy, szybko się wchłonie, do minimum skracając poranną pielęgnację, zapewniając maksimum nawilżenia. Wieczorem Serum dwufazowe, po oczyszczeniu twarzy, odżywi i dotleni skórę, która zregeneruje się przez noc.

The set is a perfect daytime skin care! Lightweight, gel-like elixir is quickly absorbed, it shortens the morning skin care routine to the minimum and provides maximum hydration. In the evening, the two-phase serum, after cleansing the face, nourishes and oxygenates the skin, which will regenerate overnight.


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