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KOI Natural face creams

KOI is a family brand managed by a mother and daughter – the women are genuinely interested in the needs of their skin. The name of the company is not accidental. KOI natural face creams are designed to soothe, calm and bring relief to the skin. To achieve that effect, unique recipes based on the highest quality ingredients are used during the production of the cosmetics. Carefully selected plant extracts, beneficial oils, stem cells, vitamins and minerals are of completely natural, unmodified origin.

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High quality face creams have a light texture and delicate fragrance. They do not contain unnecessary substances that could be potentially irritating to the skin. Instead, concentrated active ingredients promote healthy and safe care at home. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical studies. Each KOI face cream comes in a dark glass jar, there are no unnecessary cardboard boxes, to support the less waste approach. This material does not react with the contents, plus it is biodegradable. Our customers can exchange empty jars of used creams for discounts on subsequent purchases. Simply return four empty glass containers of KOI products to us.

KOI creams – find the perfect cream for your skin

In addition to the soothing effects mentioned above, the natural face creams created by us have a number of other valuable properties. We offer creams for different types of skin with individual needs, that can be used regardless of age, both day and night. We offer, among other things, moisturising creams for sensitive, dehydrated and dry skin of the face. They guarantee the necessary hydration and nourishment of the skin without weighing it down. Additionally, they reduce redness and strengthen blood vessels. The long-lasting hydration of the skin is felt even up to 5 days after applying the cream. With each cream, we advise the level of moisturisation and lubrication of the skin.

Smoothing face creams for acne-prone skin

Choosing the right face cream is usually the biggest challenge for women who struggle with blemishes, enlarged pores and overproduction of sebum by the skin. For acne-prone skin, a lightweight face cream formula is especially important. However, you should not give up on moisturising, as it is usually its deficiency that causes excessive oiliness of the skin. KOI creams with hypoallergenic, natural formulas are safe to use even for stubborn acne. It is possible to choose the right product also for acne-prone skin with active lesions and hyperpigmentation. Our normalising creams have anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and sebum-reducing properties. Due to the ingredients used in their formulas, creams for oily and combination skin renew the integrity of the epidermal barrier. This prevents bacterial and fungal infections that may be the reason for acne recurrence. They also alleviate neurogenic skin inflammation that results from the harmful effects of psychological stress on the skin.

Moisturising cream for a face with signs of ageing

Although our face creams are suitable for all women of all ages, even those with mature skin will find our range of products worthy of consideration. For mature women, we particularly recommend smoothing face creams to improve skin density and elasticity. Because they stimulate the skin to regenerate faster, they reduce the visibility of wrinkles while preventing the formation of new ones. The high concentration of active ingredients not only accelerates the renewal cycle of the skin but also improves microcirculation and stimulates the production of collagen. The innovative, natural cream formulas are both effective and well-tolerated by the skin. In addition to its anti-ageing properties, KOI anti-wrinkle cream has other desirable effects. When used regularly, this moisturising face cream guarantees a healthy-looking complexion with an even tone and deep hydration. The moisturising and soothing complexes in the creams relax and calm the skin.

What ingredients do we use in our face creams?

Our smoothing face creams are loaded with active ingredients that have a big impact on the condition of the skin. All KOI cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid (HA). It is the best moisturiser. Additionally, hyaluronic acid is biocompatible with that produced by the body. Unfortunately, the amount of the acid produced by the body decreases with age, hence the need to provide it to the skin in cosmetics. We use plant extracts with a very high degree of purity. That is why we offer effective, well-performing formulations. They support the processes in the skin but do not replace them.

Holy basil, Tulsi, which contains precious essential oils and antioxidants, deserves attention. It is responsible for the strong anti-inflammatory effect of the cream, prevents imperfections and soothes active lesions. Another ingredient in our creams worth mentioning is milk thistle, which will be appreciated especially by women struggling with persistent acne. Similarly, they may be interested in cream with niacinamide, vitamin B3, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredient moisturises, firms, brightens and regenerates the complexion.

Seaweed in our face creams have both soothing and cleansing properties. They are abundant in proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that are extremely beneficial to the skin and ensure its good health condition. Agastache mexicana extract rebuilds the natural hydro-lipid barrier of the skin, makes the skin more resistant to harmful external factors. v

We also use a plant-based alternative to retinol, bakuchiol. It stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, as a result, it reduces wrinkles, brightens and moisturises. The substance does not react with sunlight that is why the cream containing it can be used throughout the year. Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, has an antibacterial effect and soothes inflammation. Squalane provides proper hydration to the skin and also supports the natural barrier of the skin to protect it against bacteria, fungi and UV radiation.

KOI powerful moisturising under eye cream

Instead of using all-purpose creams for the wrinkles under eyes, it is better to choose a concentrated formula designed specifically for that area of skin. Active under eye cream is a skincare product that all women with mature skin will be interested in. It is usually around the eyes that the first signs of ageing appear. The skin slowly loses its volume and elasticity, wrinkles appear when you apply eye shadow, for example. Also, the so-called crow’s feet or mimic wrinkles on the outer sides of eyes are visible. Rich under eye cream should be implemented in your daily care as soon as possible because it significantly slows down the ageing process of the delicate skin around eyes. Our creams for under-eye wrinkles are highly effective. They reduce the visibility of wrinkles by improving density and elasticity of the skin. With the creams, you can stop time for your skin. Keep in mind, however, that under eye creams have primarily preventative properties. The best results are obtained when women start using them even before the appearance of strong wrinkles.

Active creams for under eye wrinkles

Each brand has its favourite ingredient responsible for the desired properties of the cosmetic. The basic ingredient of our active under eye cream is EGF – a protein that stimulates the growth and differentiation of cells and is responsible for the proper transmission of impulses between skin cells. The growth factor is plant-based and it is completely safe for the delicate skin around your eyes. At the same time, it effectively stimulates the skin to produce collagen. In addition to the wrinkle-smoothing effect resulting from the improvement of skin density, the highly moisturising under eye cream also reduces the visibility of undesirable shadows under the eyes. Additionally, avocado oil and hyaluronic acid used in the cream tighten the skin around eyes. Therefore, such types of under eye anti-wrinkle creams can also be used by young people who are struggling with dark shadows under their eyes. Carefully selected ingredients do not cause irritation and do not cause unpleasant tearing of the eyes which is sometimes the case with such type of products. The light and pleasant texture of the cream makes it easy to apply on a daily basis. With regular use, you will notice results in the form of smooth, regenerated and gently tightened skin.