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Szpatułka kosmetyczna

Cosmetic spatula


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Cosmetic spatula

An extremely convenient accessory to help you apply the cream hygienically.

It makes it easier to get the cosmetic out of the jar.

An ergonomically shaped spatula allows for hygienic removal of cosmetics from a jar. It facilitates precise application of the product, even in hard-to-reach places on the face (nose wings, eye area). Using a spatula makes it easier to apply the cosmetic, it prevents the product from being wasted.

The contoured tip makes it easy to get the product out of the jar, especially when there isn’t much left. Extremely useful if you have long nails.

The convenient silicone handle can be attached to the jar lid, making it easy to keep the spatula clean.

The spatula is made from a biopolymer manufactured from renewable raw materials, using sugar cane. A multiple-use product, designed and manufactured in Poland.


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