założycielki koi mama i córka poznaj nas lepiej
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Niesamowita, straszna sytuacja, która spotkała nas wszystkich w zeszły czwartek odciska na wszystkich wielkie piętno. Od kilku dni milczymy, pomagając prywatnie w szukaniu domów, transportu i organizując zbiórki. Nie obyłoby się oczywiście bez pomocy sąsiadów, przyjaciół i znajomych, którym z tego miejsca możemy podziękować. Nie wyobrażamy sobie nie podzielic się tym z Wami i wstawiać „normalne” posty. Chcemy wspierać się wspólnie i zrobimy wszystko, co możemy, żeby pomoc uchodźcom. Idąc do pracy miałyśmy wiele myśli. Wszystko wydaje się nie na miejscu. Ale chcemy pracować dla Was, dla nas i tez po to, by moc dalej nieść pomoc. Dlatego nieustannie zapraszamy Was na nasza stronę i zakupy. Od 2.03do 8.03 przez cały tydzień przekażemy 50% dochodu ze sprzedaży naszych dwóch bedtsellerów - Eliksiru i Aktywnego kremu pod oczy na organizacje @soswioskidzieciece 💙💛🙏

KOI Cosmetics – natural cosmetics

The offer of our store is addressed to all those who want to use, for everyday skin care, not only effective but also safe cosmetics, created with the use of ingredients that come straight from the world of nature. Our creams, masks, peels and elixirs are the result of many years of work on the properties of plant extracts and oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and many other active ingredients, thanks to which the skin becomes perfectly moisturised, elastic and regenerated.

Trust nature

Carefully developed formula and high concentration of natural active ingredients guarantee that our products ensure beautiful and well-cared-for skin at any age. The only condition is regular application of the cosmetic and 5 minutes of skin care in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed. With regular use, natural KOI cosmetics wonderfully nourish and regenerate the skin, and the beneficial effects of this action will be visible after just a few days. And all this without the use of harmful and aggressive chemicals, only thanks to the ingredients extracted from the rich resources offered by nature.

Natural cosmetics KOI – beautify and soothe

The name of our cosmetics is not accidental as they are designed not only to reduce wrinkles or smooth and supple the skin but also to soothe, to eliminate the discomfort caused by dry or irritated skin. Our cosmetics have a comprehensive effect – they improve the appearance and bring relief.

We care not only for the skin but also for the environment

Since we draw from the benefits of nature, we try to take care of it and not interfere with the way it works. We support the idea of less waste that is why we do not use cardboard boxes and all information is included on the label. We use only glass packaging as it does not react with the product, does not react to sunlight and, most importantly, it is recyclable. Thanks to a special loyalty programme introduced by KOI Cosmetics store, empty jars can be returned and customers can receive discounts on subsequent purchases. We want our cosmetics to soothe the skin and our packaging to be environmentally friendly.

At all stages of our business activity, we respect our planet and its benefits.