When does the skin age?

Age does not determine the condition of our skin!

The ageing of the skin is a complex process. It depends on many factors: genes, diet, hormonal imbalances, and proper care. It begins at birth. It is a natural and unfortunately unavoidable process, and the first symptoms are visible after 25! From then on the production of collagen and elastin, namely the support proteins of the skin, decreases. After 35 you can see deeper wrinkles. Ageing is a process in which the number of healthy cells falls, and the number of cells with damaged DNA rises. This weakens the skins regenerative capabilities. The body falls behind with the production of new supporting fibres. As many as 100 genes participate in this process! As such, the nature of these changes depends on an individual. It should be emphasized that the environment and care have a direct impact on the condition of our skin. Harmful UV radiation plays an important part here, as it is the cause of free radicals that damage cell membranes. The epidermis becomes thinner and thinner, pigment cells degrade, and the skin loses its ability to hold water. This is the way wrinkles are made!

Substances that prevent the ageing of the skin include:

  • vitamin A – retinol and its derivatives that stimulate cell regeneration
  • UVA and UVB sunscreens that offer protection from the sun and, as a result, decrease photosynthesis
  • hyaluronic acid (HA) – a strong water binder that keeps water in the connective tissue thus maintaining the skin’s flexibility
  • ferulic acid with vitamin E – the so-called “anti-oxidative bomb”, catches free radicals and deactivates them
  • anti-oxidants: vitamin C – supports defence and regenerative mechanisms

In order to keep skin in good condition one should eat healthily, drink water, exercise, and definitely stay away from the sun! We should choose cosmetics with many active substances that help fight the ageing process.


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