About Us

We are a small family company run by mother and daughter. We both want our skin to be in good condition, well taken care of, but not overloaded. All our formulas are personally tested by us and perfected until we consider them ideal. Only then do we share them with others.


KOI (Polish: to soothe) is a verb that describes the effect of all our products. On each stage of life, the skin faces many obstacles. We support only its repair, we do not aim to replace nature, only to help it! In eastern languages KOI means love, and love is the special ingredient we add to all our products


The most important role of our products is to moisturise the skin. The fast pace of life, air conditioning and heating – they all dry up our skin. Our products are designed to prevent this!


Our idea was to create skincare products rich in active substances. These substances are added in the highest possible concentrations to provide maximum effectiveness. Our creams guarantee comprehensive care.


All our products strengthen the protective barrier of the skin by providing it with the substances it lacks. We pay extra attention to the quality of the ingredients we use, that they are natural and unmodified, and at the same time effective and environmentally friendly.

Best before date

We are in a comfortable situation that allows us to produce small batches, no more than 20 items in a batch. As such, we can make cosmetics with a short shelf life. Our products are meant to soothe and moisturise the skin, not to lie on the shelves! That is why they should be used up within 6 months of opening.

Home care

You only need several minutes a day to have nice smooth skin! We provide this opportunity to our customers. We have divided various products into series and lines that used in specific order give even better results than when used separately. Select the ones that suit you and the state of your skin. We will take care of everything else!

To sum up

Everything in our project is meant to soothe: the rich cream protects the skin from difficult conditions, the glass container is luxurious, and is reusable and biodegradable. As a family company, we try to take comprehensive care of everyone’s skin. For us, the most important part of our work is the top quality of our products.

  • Koszyk jest pusty.